Tuan Muraad Amith

Enthusiastic, team player, motivated and loves a challenge. Ambition to become a full stack web developer. Spends free time watching tech videos on Youtube.

Email: ymuraad@gmail.com  
Phone: 0766251372
Course: CS

Interests: Tech gadgets, electric cars, table tennis, movies and video games.

Technical Skills: Java, Python, Python Flask, C, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Firebase, Android, Google Cloud, Docker, WSO2 Siddhi, Apache Beam.

Project Experience

Fact Bounty – Google Summer of Code 2019
Fact Bounty is a platform where the truth and validity of news is determined through crowdsourcing. The main objective is to spread awareness regarding fake news and with the help of visualizations, help users determine the spread of such news documents.
Work carried out :

Integrating Siddhi with Apache Beam – WSO2
Apache Beam is an open source, unified model for defining both batch and streaming data-parallel processing pipelines. Siddhi is a fully open source, cloud-native, scalable, streaming and complex event processing system. Project was to build a Siddhi runner for Apache Beam where a program written using the Beam library is executed through Siddhi.

Social networking platform to promote charitable activities done by individuals or groups of people. Complete front-end design. Template design with Photoshop. Front-end design using Angular, Angular material.

Vehicle buy, sell and inventory management platform.
Front end development using Angular and state management using Ngrx.

IOT Asset Tracking System
View and manage assets and display device data from feeds.
Workshop Management System
CRUD application to automate workshop transactions including stock management, job tracking, etc.
Programming Teacher
Android mobile application for students to help learn programming concepts and basic code

E-Commerce Web Application

Work Experience

● Software Engineer Intern (6 months) – WSO2
● Internship at Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC (5 months) – Online Banking
● Freelancing – Qt, Python, Graphic Designing, Web Design & Development(Fiverr)

Achievements | Awards

● HackX 2016 (Kelaniya University) – Finalists
● WSO2 Ballerina Hackathon – Finalists
● SLIIT Codefest 2017 Overnight Hackathon – 5th place

Final Year Project

One of the many core issues of blockchains is its scalability. Scalability is hampered by the consensus algorithm that it utilizes to decide the order of transactions that will be recorded in a digital ledger maintained by all nodes participating in the blockchain. The main aim of the research is to propose a suitable consensus algorithm that provide scalability with crash fault tolerance and byzantine fault tolerance and evaluate the performance of the algorithm implemented inside a blockchain using Hyperledger Fabric.