Vidura Dantanarayana

I am a tech enthusiastic person with a positive attitude towards learning new things. I value team work and always give my best since work motivates me. I am a strong believer of “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. I like deadlines, love achieving them.

Email: vidurada@gmail.com 
Phone: 0775783428
Course: IS

Interests: Linux System Administration, Cloud Computing, Containerization,Virtualization, Server Configuration

Technical Skills: Docker, GIT, Python, JavaSE, RHEL, Nagios, MySQL,MongoDB, Jenkins

Project Experience

  • QseTeX – Application developed for question paper setters who use Latex. With this project my team
    was able to develop interactive GUI application which reduced the time taken to create a Latex file.
  • ReportGen – A standalone application developed for Beira Enviro Solutions (Pvt.) Limited. It has the
    capabilities to create reports on product producing and packing. The data from each work shift saved in
    the database for analysis purpose.
  • Agrinous (Internship Project) – Agrinous is a platform for auctioning life stock which deployed in the
    cloud. I was responsible for updating QA and production servers.

Work Experience

  • ThinkCube Systems PVT Ltd – Worked as a Trainee Systems Engineer for 6 month internship.
  • Techwire.lk – Working as a content writer for the online magazine

Achievements | Awards

  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator | Red Hat
  • Diploma in Management Accounting | CIMA
  •  Certificate in Management Accounting | CIMA
  • News and Content Manager | UCSC ISACA Student Group

Final Year Project

An Enhanced Model for Wildfire Propagation Modelling

Even Though the severity of the wildfire crisis has been steadily increasing in the recent years, mostly only the developed countries have the necessary resources required for a systematic wildfire disaster management solution. One of the major reasons of this being, it requires multiple environmental variables in order to accurately calculate the Rate of Spread (RoS) of a wildfire. Therefore the aim of this research is to investigate the possibility of optimizing a surface wildfire behavior model, by reducing the number of variables and derive an optimized model that can be used to reduce the resources and costs associated with implementing a wildfire disaster management system in developing countries.